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FlameKO "Starter Guide"
02-23-2019, 09:39 AM (This post was last modified: 02-23-2019 09:56 AM by ChuckyMyDeath.)
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Hello Flames.


1-INTRODUCTION of Character creation.
2-Voting System.
3-Level up.
4-Farming Armor.
5-Farming Weapons.
6-Farming Accessories.
7-Farming/Buying Scroll.

..............Character Creation...............

-The very first choice you're given, and foremost, the hardest,Which ever class you choose at the beginning, will determine whether your game play is a pleasurable one, or a, not so pleasurable one, beside it depends on which one are you preferring,However.will determine the side (human/orc) that used to play with it.

-The Warrior class is by far the easiest class you can select. Although it is very monotone, if you're just starting Knight Online (For the first time), I highly suggest this class. They have very good Health, Defense, and Attack. They do have access to a wide variety of weapons,A warrior is what anyone would expect a warrior to be. It's main features are its high defence, high attack power, and high strength to carry more things. Furthermore, the class is very versatile in picking weapons, you can use a lot of weapon types, both one-handed and two-handed, more than any other class.


-A rogue can be either an assassin or an archer,They are one of the least-dependent classes, with the ability to make themselves move faster than any other class, be invisible, see invisible enemies,make other people move faster, cure curses and increase their party's attack power. Assassins are restricted to daggers, and archers are restricted to bows. Assassin attacks are very devastating damage-wise compared to other melee classes, while archers have the advantage of range.The Rogue class is probably the most skill demanding class in my opinion. It is also one of the best classes for solo play.


-Mages can take specialty in three elements, which are fire, glacier and lightning. Fire is the highest damage dealing element, glacier slows enemies down, and lightning stuns (Normal Freezes) them. Mages are unique because of their Area-of-Effect spells, which can deal damage to more than one enemy within a casting radius, Furthermore, they can teleport party members either individually, or the whole party to town. Mages use staffs.......The Mage class is an class for group play. With a full team of mages, you will be able to incinerate anything in front of you.


-Priests are unique in such a way that any party needs one,and it is an essential class for team play.. They can be skilled in making other players stronger (called "buffers" ingame), making enemies weaker and resurrecting dead friends (called "duffers" or "rezzers" ingame), and/or healing both curses and health. There are two broad categories of priests, one being the "INT priest" and the other being the battlepriest (or "BP").

............. Voting system.............
LINK 1 http://www.xtremetop100.com/in.php?site=1132366882
LINK 2 http://www.top100arena.com/in.asp?id=94827

If you don't know what accessories you can get for your character from the vote shop rewards, then here you go:
Rogue: Iron Belt(+5), Iron Necklace(+5)
Warrior: String of Skulls(+5), Iron Necklace(+5)
Priest: Iron Necklace(+5) , Iron Belt(+5) or Glass Belt(+5) , 2x Ring of the Felankor(+5), Priest Pendant(+5)
Mage: 2x Ring of the Felankor(+5), Iron Belt(+5) , Iron Necklace(+5)

............. Level UP..............

From level 1 to 59, 1 kill = 1 level.
From level 59 to 60, it is NOT a 1 kill = 1 level. It takes a bit more.
From level 60 to 80, 1 kill = 1 level.
From level 80 to 83, it is NOT a 1 kill = 1 level. It takes quite more.

.............. Farming Armor.............

There are many kinds of Armor set Such as :arrow:
Valkyrie Armor (Via power up story)
Bahamut Armor [color=#FF0000]............Juraid Monument ..............

Gryhpon Armor ............Krowaz............
Mythril Armor For (Rouge)
Dragon Flight Armor For (Warriors)
Rons Armor For (Mage)
Trial Armor For (Priest)
(Farming) through

............... Farming Weapons................

Farming Tiers Weapons : The Way to (Knight Castle).
Gold dragon : Tier Garujesu Dagger (+5)
Cuff Binder : Tier Garujesu Spear (+5) And Tier Garujesu Sword (+5)
Felankor : Tier Garujesu Bow (+5)
Red krowaz : Tier Garujesu Shield (+5)
Tarantula : Tier Garujesu Mace (+5)
Abomitarantula : Tier Garujesu Staff (+5) + Tier Garujesu Dagger (+5)

(Faun/Raum /Nebiros/Fulitol/Wirinom/Molok/Windforce/Baal) all are Farmable in Krowaz Mobs .

:arrow: Farming Darkness Weapons in Moradon From Folk Vallige.

................. Farming Accessories.................

Boss Land
In Boss Land is where you farm accessories.

Lucio: Lillimes Enticement +5
Alino: Lich King's Pride +5,Heros Valor +5,
Patka: Howling Rooster +5,Legionnaire Band +5
Kabald: Shio Tears +5
Fragman: Imir Ring +5
Sandman: Flame Ring +5
Great Sandman: Secret-Silver Earring +5, Platinum Earring +5
FKO GOD: Dark Vane +9,CHD +5,Bronze Earring +5
Ibex: Hanguk Sword +9,Impact +10,Elf-Metal Earring +5
FKO Death: Iron Belt +5,Trina,Elysium +9
Robalka: Lugia spear +8,String of Skulls +5,Spear of Murky Waters +8
Knight of Betrayal: Unknown
Bone Collector: 2000HP,350AC,Skull Hammer (+5)
Volcanic Rock : Dual shard +9 , Opal Earring +5
Shade Mare : Silver bar
Specter : Holy Animor +9, Belt of Dexterity +3
Snake Queen : White Dragon Necklace +3 Black Dragon Necklace +3
Green Dragon Amulet +3 Amulet of Str +3 , Amulet of Dex +3 Amulet of Hp +3
Amulet of Goddess +3 , Amulet of Curse +3 Iron Necklace +1
Talos : Elf Belt +3 , Iron Belt +1 , Glass Belt +1
Skeleton Belt +1 , Ice Belt +3 Fire Belt +3 , Belt of Dex +3 , Belt of Str +3 Belt of Life +3
Harpy Queen : Rogue Earring +3 Mage Earring +3 , Cleric Earring +3 Warrior Earring +3
Bach : Ring of Life +3
Duke : Ring of Courage +3
Bishop : Ring of Magic +3
Deruvish Founder :Silver Ring +3 Elf Ring +3 Diamond Ring +3
Emerald Ring +3 Agate Ring +3 Ruby Ring +3 , Opal Ring +3
Platinum Ring +3 , Ruby Ring +3 Gold Ring +3 , Crystal Ring +3
Troll King :Elf-Metal Earring +3 Secret-Silver Earring +3 Golden Earring +3
Platinum Earring +3 Agate Earring +3 Bronze Earring +3 , White-Silver Earring +3
Silver Earring +3 , Opal Earring +3
Attila : PP +3 , WP +3 , EP +3

.................Farming/Buying Scroll...............

:arrow: You Can Farm Swift Scroll, Attack Scroll,Hp Scrols From Moradon Worm And Scrols Monster.
you can Farm (HP Scroll 2000/ Def 350/) From Bone Collector From
Boss Land .

Upgrade rate.

Upgrade Rates - (BUS)
+6 to +7 --> 85%
+7 to +8 --> 70%
+8 to +9 --> 55%
+9 to +10 --> 20%
Upgrade Rates - (Trina's Piece)
+6 to +7 --> 95%
+7 to +8 --> 80%
+8 to +9 --> 65%
+9 to +10 --> 33%

[u] Participating in Events:

It is really important to take part in events if you would like to get items.
Here is the Scheduled Events page:panel.flamegaming.net/?page=scheduled_events

Note: Events are made server-time, not your local time.

Lunar War

The nation that has more kills or the nation that kills the keeper first will win the war, allowing for them to go an invade the opponents castle.
There are two castles,
Luferson Castle beloning to the bloodthirsty Karus (Orcs) and the El Morad Castle beloning to the reasonable El Moradians (Humans).
Schedule not announced.

Juraid Mountain

Your nation must defeat the Juraid Monument (located in ColonyZone) then you will be able to teleport there.
Schedule not announced.

Forgotten Temple

- To win the Forgotten Temple event, you must KILL and SURVIVE ALL waves.
Schedule not announced.

Castle Siege War
Schedule not announced.

Border Defense War
Schedule not announced.

Boss Event
Schedule not announced.

Yeye If you have any question Feel free to ask or post a reply beside if i missed any thing, it would be useful to post it here,Keep this Topic. updated

By ChuckySuperman

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